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  1. Psychological well-being has been associated with reduced mortality rates in both healthy and diseased populations. However, there is considerably less evidence on the effect of lifestyle behaviours on positiv...

    Authors: Toshihiro Takao, Naoki Sumi, Yoshiyuki Yamanaka, Sohachi Fujimoto and Tomoari Kamada
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2021 15:8
  2. An oral burning sensation with unidentified cause in patients with preexisting psychosocial conditions is usually diagnosed as burning mouth syndrome. However, unexpected organic lesions may be detected in rar...

    Authors: Takayuki Suga, Miho Takenoshita, Trang T. H. Tu, Takashi Sugawara, Susumu Kirimura and Akira Toyofuku
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2021 15:7
  3. To assess the validity and reliability of the Japanese version of the Daily Record of Severity of Problems (J-DRSP, 24 items) for evaluating symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and to develop a short form...

    Authors: Yumie Ikeda, Miho Egawa, Kazuya Okamoto, Masaki Mandai, Yoshimitsu Takahashi and Takeo Nakayama
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2021 15:6

    The Correction to this article has been published in BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2021 15:27

  4. Japan, like many developed countries, now faces fiscal problems from the escalating health-care expenditures associated with an aging population. Mental health problems such as depression contribute as much to...

    Authors: Shuji Inada, Kazuhiro Yoshiuchi, Sungjin Park and Yukitoshi Aoyagi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2021 15:5
  5. Adverse responses to critical illness, such as symptoms of depression, anxiety or posttraumatic stress, are relatively common among family members. The role of risk factors, however, remains insufficiently und...

    Authors: Rahel Naef, Stefanie von Felten and Jutta Ernst
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2021 15:4
  6. Ample evidence indicates the efficacy of serotonin type 3 (5-HT3) receptor antagonists in the treatment of patients with diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D). Mirtazapine is an atypical antidepre...

    Authors: Alireza Khalilian, Davoud Ahmadimoghaddam, Shiva Saki, Younes Mohammadi and Maryam Mehrpooya
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2021 15:3
  7. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may experience difficulty adapting to daily life in a preschool or school settings and are likely to develop psychosomatic symptoms. For a better understanding of t...

    Authors: Yuko Ishizaki, Takahiro Higuchi, Yoshitoki Yanagimoto, Hodaka Kobayashi, Atsushi Noritake, Kae Nakamura and Kazunari Kaneko
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2021 15:2
  8. The adherence of diabetic patients to their medication regimen is associated with many psychosocial factors that are still unknown. Therefore, the present study aims to identify the psychosocial barriers to me...

    Authors: Firoozeh Mostafavi, Fereshteh Zamani Alavijeh, Arash Salahshouri and Behzad Mahaki
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2021 15:1
  9. Previous studies reported that subjective well-being in adulthood correlates with perceived parental bonding in childhood as well as personality traits. However, whether personality traits mediate the effect o...

    Authors: Akiko Murakoshi, Nobuyuki Mitsui, Jiro Masuya, Yota Fujimura, Shinji Higashi, Ichiro Kusumi and Takeshi Inoue
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:28
  10. Although the association between polypharmacy and the occurrence of delirium has been well studied, the influence of polypharmacy on the persistence of delirium remains unclear. We aimed to explore the effect ...

    Authors: Ken Kurisu, Daisuke Miyabe, Yoshiko Furukawa, Osamu Shibayama and Kazuhiro Yoshiuchi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:25
  11. Galectin-3 promotes the proliferation of neural progenitor cells and is engaged in cell-cell adhesion, cell-matrix interactions, and macrophage activation. In addition, in patients with heart failure this carb...

    Authors: Monika Sadlonova, Thomas Meyer, Lutz Binder, Rolf Wachter, Frank Edelmann and Christoph Herrmann-Lingen
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:24
  12. Due to the high pathogenicity and mortality, the COVID-19 disaster caused global panic and anxiety. At present, diagnosis and treatment are of great concern. As time progresses, however, the sequelae caused by...

    Authors: Guo Heng Mo, Zi Xuan Wang, Xiao Si Chen and Qunguang Jiang
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:22
  13. The Clinical Impairment Assessment questionnaire (CIA) is used to measure the severity of psychosocial impairment in patients with eating disorders. The purpose of the present study was to develop a new Japane...

    Authors: Takeshi Horie, Maiko Hiraide, Shu Takakura, Tomokazu Hata, Nobuyuki Sudo and Kazuhiro Yoshiuchi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:19
  14. An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via the original article.

    Authors: Miki Shimizu, Keisuke Kawai, Makoto Yamashita, Masayasu Shoji, Shu Takakura, Tomokazu Hata, Megumi Nakashima, Keita Tatsushima, Kazunari Tanaka and Nobuyuki Sudo
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:18

    The original article was published in BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:14

  15. The Eating Disorder Quality of Life (ED-QOL) scale is a 25-item self-report measure that assesses health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of eating-disorder patients. Although the ED-QOL is one of the most wide...

    Authors: Ryo Yoneda, Makoto Otani, Maiko Hiraide, Takeshi Horie, Tomoyo Mitsui, Toshiyuki Yoshida, Gen Komaki and Kazuhiro Yoshiuchi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:16
  16. Patients with heart failure (HF) accompanied by delirium are at risk of rehospitalization and death, thus early detection and appropriate treatment is imperative. Palliative care for patients with HF is an imp...

    Authors: Anna Hayashi, Sayaka Kobayashi, Kentaro Matsui, Rie Akaho and Katsuji Nishimura
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:15
  17. Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a disease resulting in extreme weight loss. It is caused by multiple factors, including psychosocial, environmental, and genetic factors. A genetic abnormality affecting lipid metaboli...

    Authors: Miki Shimizu, Keisuke Kawai, Makoto Yamashita, Masayasu Shoji, Shu Takakura, Tomokazu Hata, Megumi Nakashima, Keita Tatsushima, Kazunari Tanaka and Nobuyuki Sudo
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:14

    The Correction to this article has been published in BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:18

  18. Noncardiac chest pain (NCCP) is one of the leading reasons for emergency department visits and significantly limits patients’ daily functioning. The protective effect of physical activity has been established ...

    Authors: Joanne Castonguay, Stéphane Turcotte, Richard P Fleet, Patrick M Archambault, Clermont E Dionne, Isabelle Denis and Guillaume Foldes-Busque
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:12
  19. Many intervention studies of coronary artery disease (CAD) have found health benefits for patients in the “treatment as usual” (TAU) group like in the specific psychotherapy group. In this pilot study, we want...

    Authors: Hans-Christian Deter and Kristina Orth-Gomér
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:11
  20. Presenteeism has attracted much attention in the research into mental health. However, how cognitive complaints and depressive symptoms affect presenteeism remains unknown. Therefore, this study examined the c...

    Authors: Kuniyoshi Toyoshima, Takeshi Inoue, Akiyoshi Shimura, Jiro Masuya, Masahiko Ichiki, Yota Fujimura and Ichiro Kusumi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:10
  21. Post-traumatic stress symptoms can occur in patients with medical illness. During the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak in South Korea in 2015, some dialysis patients in three centers who were i...

    Authors: A Jin Cho, Hong-Seock Lee, Young-Ki Lee, Hee Jung Jeon, Hayne Cho Park, Da-Wun Jeong, Yang-Gyun Kim, Sang-Ho Lee, Chang-Hee Lee, Kyung Don Yoo and Ae Kyeong Wong
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:9
  22. Chronic pain is a major health problem, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is its recommended treatment; however, efforts to develop CBT programs for chronic pain and assess their feasibility are remarkabl...

    Authors: Hiroki Hosogoshi, Kazunori Iwasa, Takaki Fukumori, Yuriko Takagishi, Yoshitake Takebayashi, Tomonori Adachi, Yuki Oe, Yukino Tairako, Yumiko Takao, Hiroyuki Nishie, Ayako Kanie, Masaki Kitahara, Kiyoka Enomoto, Hirono Ishii, Issei Shinmei, Masaru Horikoshi…
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:6
  23. Personalized cognitive-behavioural therapy for obesity (CBT-OB) is a new treatment that combines the traditional procedures of standard behavioural therapy for obesity (i.e., self-monitoring, goal setting, sti...

    Authors: Riccardo Dalle Grave, Massimiliano Sartirana and Simona Calugi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:5
  24. Akathisia is a rather common extrapyramidal side effect of antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants, often resulting in severe discomfort for patients. However, due to the diversity of symptoms, it is often ove...

    Authors: Mayumi Ishida, Jungo Imanishi, Yasuo Yazawa, Yu Sunakawa, Tomoaki Torigoe and Hideki Onishi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:4
  25. The effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions for eating disorders (EDs) is widely studied in Europe, North America, and Australia/New Zealand. However, few controlled studies and no randomized controll...

    Authors: Chisato Ohara, Atsushi Sekiguchi, Shu Takakura, Yuka Endo, Naho Tamura, Hiroe Kikuchi, Kazushi Maruo, Norio Sugawara, Kenji Hatano, Hitomi Kawanishi, Misako Funaba, Ayako Sugawara, Nobuhiro Nohara, Keisuke Kawai, Shin Fukudo, Nobuyuki Sudo…
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:2
  26. Although fatigue is a common and distressing symptom in cancer survivors, the mechanism of fatigue is not fully understood. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the relation between the fatigue and mindfu...

    Authors: Kaori Ikeuchi, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Yasunori Nakamura, Tomoko Izawa, Nobuhiko Shinkura and Kazuko Nin
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2020 14:1
  27. Yoga is a representative mind-body therapy. Our previous studies have demonstrated that isometric yoga (i.e. yoga programs that we developed so individuals can practice yoga poses with a self-adjustable isomet...

    Authors: Shu Takakura, Takakazu Oka and Nobuyuki Sudo
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2019 13:29
  28. School-age children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have difficulties in interpersonal relationships, in addition to impaired facial expression perception and recognition. For successful s...

    Authors: Keiichi Shimamura, Takeshi Inoue, Hiroko Ichikawa, Emi Nakato, Yuiko Sakuta, So Kanazawa, Masami K. Yamaguchi, Ryusuke Kakigi and Ryoichi Sakuta
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2019 13:30
  29. Although the dietary inflammatory index (DII) has been evaluated in relation to psychological disorders risk, the association between DII and psychosomatic complaints is unclear. This study aimed to determine ...

    Authors: Fahimeh Haghighatdoost, Awat Feizi, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh, Christine Feinle-Bisset, Ammar Hassanzadeh Keshteli, Hamidreza Roohafza, Hamid Afshar and Peyman Adibi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2019 13:27
  30. In a previous randomized controlled trial, we found that practicing seated isometric yoga regularly for 2 months improved the fatigue of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) who are resistant to conven...

    Authors: Takakazu Oka, Tokusei Tanahashi, Battuvshin Lkhagvasuren and Yu Yamada
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2019 13:28
  31. A majority of women from all cultures and socioeconomic levels experience myriad symptoms known as premenstrual syndrome during the days prior to menstruation. The present study investigated commonly reported ...

    Authors: Tamaki Matsumoto, Miho Egawa, Tetsuya Kimura and Tatsuya Hayashi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2019 13:26
  32. The study investigates the association between circadian phenotype (CP), its stability (interdaily stability - IS) and physical activity (PA) in a weight loss (WL) programme.

    Authors: Eva Fárková, Jakub Schneider, Michal Šmotek, Eduard Bakštein, Jitka Herlesová, Jana Kopřivová, Petra Šrámková, Dita Pichlerová and Martin Fried
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2019 13:24
  33. There is no consensus on effective treatment for laxative abuse in patients with eating disorders. Here, we report the case of a patient with laxative abuse who showed some improvement through an intervention ...

    Authors: Kuniyoshi Toyoshima and Ichiro Kusumi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2019 13:23
  34. We developed and validated a childhood eating disorder outcome scale based on outcomes associated with body mass index standard deviation score (BMI-SDS). This prospective observational study included 131 chil...

    Authors: Shinichiro Nagamitsu, Yoshimitsu Fukai, So Uchida, Michiko Matsuoka, Toshiyuki Iguchi, Ayumi Okada, Ryoichi Sakuta, Takeshi Inoue, Ryoko Otani, Shinji Kitayama, Kenshi Koyanagi, Yuichi Suzuki, Yuki Suzuki, Yoshino Sumi, Shizuo Takamiya, Chikako Fujii…
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2019 13:21
  35. Psychological factors have been reported to have influence on the eating habits of patients with diabetes. However, previous studies have used questionnaires to investigate the association, and thus include re...

    Authors: Shuji Inada, Yoko Iizuka, Ken Ohashi, Hiroe Kikuchi, Yoshiharu Yamamoto, Takashi Kadowaki and Kazuhiro Yoshiuchi
    Citation: BioPsychoSocial Medicine 2019 13:20
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