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Aims and scope

BioPsychoSocial Medicine is the official journal of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine. It publishes peer-reviewed research that encompasses all aspects of the interrelationships between the biological, psychological, social, and behavioral factors of health and illness.

Thematic series

Call for papers: special issues in mHealth/uHealth & Boardgame

BPSM will publish 2 special issues in 2019 and calls for papers to be included in these issues. 

[mHealth/uHealth in psychosomatic medicine/behavioral medicine]
A special issue featuring the application of mHealth/uHealth in the field of psychosomatic medicine or behavioral medicine. mobile health and ubiquitous health have been getting a lot of attention due to recent advances of internet of things (IoT), information and communication technology (ICT) and artificial intelligence (AI). 
This special series will be devoted to research and review articles on the application of effects of mHealth/uHealth in the field of psychosomatic medicine or behavioral medicine. 

[Effects of board games on health education and promotion]
A PubMed search using “board game” identify many papers. Some of them focused on experiments conducted to clarify the cognitive mechanisms underpinning brain functioning during participation in board games, whereas others focused on the potential application of board games to domains such as disease prevention or health education.

Given the increasing reliance on information and communication technology (ICT) and on artificial intelligence (AI), we expect that the use of board games for maintaining and promoting mental and physical health will become more widespread. This special series will be devoted to researches and reviews concerning the “effects of board games on health education and promotion” for the purpose of advancing psychosomatic medicine.

[submit papers]

For both special issues, deadline of submission of papers is 31 March 2019. All submissions will be thoroughly peer-reviewed. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines section for detailed information on preparation of manuscripts, or contact us for questions. 

BPSM accepted for Journal Citation Reports.

BioPsychoSocial Medicine has now been accepted for coverage in the below Clarivate products.  Contents published since Volume 9 (2015) are now indexed in; 

•    Social Sciences Citation Index
•    Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition
•    Current Contents/Social and Behavioural Sciences.

The Ikemi Award 

To stimulate research in psychosomatic medicine and to enhance the submission of high quality manuscripts, BioPsychoSocial Medicine annually sponsor the "The Ikemi Award", which is presented to the first author of the best article published in the journal nominated by the award selection committee every year. 

The 2017 Ikemi Award was presented to Dr. Hideaki Hasuo of Kansai Medical University (Japan) for his article entitled Relationship between Alexithymia and latent trigger points in the upper Trapezius" 

Award details and list of previous winners can be found here


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