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Biopsychosocial medicine research trends: connecting clinical medicine, psychology, and public health

Nakao, M., Komaki, G., Yoshiuchi, K. et al.

BioPsychoSocial Med 14, 30 (2020).

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Thematic series

Psycho-Oncology in the Asia-Pacific area​​​​​​​
Edited by Kazuhiro Yoshiuchi

Psychosomatic dentistry
Edited by Akira Toyofuku

Recent advances in psychosomatic obstetrics & gynecology in Japan
Edited by Masakazu Terauchi

The meaning of behaviour medicine in the psychosomatic field
Edited by Mutsuhiro Nakao

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Aims and scope

BioPsychoSocial Medicine is the official journal of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine. It publishes peer-reviewed research that encompasses all aspects of the interrelationships between the biological, psychological, social, and behavioral factors of health and illness.

The Ikemi Award 

To stimulate research in psychosomatic medicine and to enhance the submission of high quality manuscripts, BioPsychoSocial Medicine annually sponsor the "The Ikemi Award", which is presented to the first author of the best article published in the journal nominated by the award selection committee every year. 

The 2018 Ikemi Award was presented to Dr. Naoki Kodama (Department of Neurology, University of Occupational and Environmental Health) for the following article;
Neural correlates of body comparison and weight estimation in weight-recovered anorexia nervosa: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study
BioPsychoSocial Medicine volume 12, Article number: 15 (2018) 

Award details and list of previous winners can be found here

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