Thematic series

History, concepts and aims of international societies in Psychosomatic and Behavioral Medicine

Edited by: Dr. Hans-Christian Deter

Psychosomatic dentistry

Edited by Dr Akira Toyofuku
Collection published: 30 April 2016

Recent advances in psychosomatic obstetrics & gynecology in Japan

Edited by Dr Masakazu Terauchi
Collection published: 12 April 2016

The meaning of behaviour medicine in the psychosomatic field

Edited by Dr Mutsuhiro Nakao
Collection published: 24 February 2016

Allergic disease and psychosocial stress

Edited by Dr Nobuyuki Sudo
Collection published: 4 March 2015

Integrating kampo into psychosomatic medical practice

Edited by Dr Takakazu Oka
Collection published: 24 January 2014 

“Alexisomia”: a shift in focus from alexithymia

Edited by Dr Gen Komaki
Collection published: 21 December 2012 

Bio-Psycho-Social medicine in pediatrics

Edited by Dr Hidetaka Tanaka
Collection published: 20 March 2012 

Focusing psychosocial interventions in chronic somatic disease - new tasks and strategies for conducting psychosomatic treatment studies

Edited by Prof Hans-Christian Deter
Collection published: 31 January 2012 

Perspectives of public health in Bio-Psycho-Social medicine

Collection published: 5 November 2010

Cross journal collections

Current status of eating disorders: general and special population studies

Edited by Dr. Kathleen Pike, Dr Blake Woodside and Prof Stephan Zipfel
Collection published: 2 April 2015

The gut-brain axis: emerging evidence in health and disease

Collection published: 23 May 2014