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Table 2 Characteristics of patients with psychogenic fever and orthostatic tachycardia

From: Psychogenic fever and postural tachycardia syndrome among school-aged children and adolescents with fever of unknown origin

ID Age Sex Chief complaints Symptoms of suspected orthostatic intolerance Diurnal variation in fever
1 13 Female Fever, menstrual pain Lightheadedness Afternoon
2 14 Female Fever Lightheadedness Afternoon or evening
3 15 Female Fever, insomnia Fatigue in the morning Afternoon
4 12 Male Fever, headache, heel pain Fatigue in the morning Afternoon or evening
5 12 Female Fever, fatigue, nausea Lightheadedness Afternoon or evening
6 15 Female Fever, headache Lightheadedness Afternoon or evening
7 11 Female Fever, headache, lightheadedness Lightheadedness Afternoon or evening
8 13 Female Fever, fatigue Chronic fatigue Afternoon
9 13 Male Nausea, loss of appetite, headache, insomnia Chronic headache Afternoon or evening
10 13 Male Fever Chronic fatigue Evening