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Table 2 Participant demographic and clinical characteristics

From: Pilot study of a basic individualized cognitive behavioral therapy program for chronic pain in Japan

Age, Mean (SD)52.13(14.70)[29, 76]
 High-school or less7(47) 
 Two year or career college graduate3(20) 
 University graduate4(27) 
 Master’s degree1(7) 
 With partner6(40) 
 With partner and child2(13) 
 With Parent3(20) 
 With partner, child, and parent1(7) 
 Full-time worker3(20) 
 Part-time worker1(7) 
 No job (Older age)2(13) 
 No job (Cause of pain)4(27) 
 No job (Cause other than pain)2(13) 
Pain-related characteristics
 Duration (Month), Median31 [6, 240]
Region of pain (multiple answers allowed)
 Shoulder/Upper limbs6(40) 
 Lower limbs5(33) 
Main diagnosis described in a medical record
 Chronic primary pain3(20) 
 Adhesive capsulitis1(7) 
 Annal pain1(7) 
 Atypical facial neuralgia1(7) 
 Atypical odontalgia1(7) 
 Cubital tunnel syndrome1(7) 
 Intercostal neuralgia1(7) 
 Occipital neuralgia1(7) 
 Ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament1(7) 
 Sciatica neuralgia1(7)