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Fig. 1

From: Changes in circulating microRNA after recumbent isometric yoga practice by patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome: an explorative pilot study

Fig. 1

Illustrations of poses used in the recumbent isometric yoga program for ME/CFS. The recumbent isometric yoga program consisted of three parts: (1) Adjusting external and internal conditions. Awareness of body and breathing in a supine position (a). Relaxation of excessive lumbar lordosis (b). (2) Isometric yoga poses. Isometric yoga for the neck (c), the neck and shoulder (d), lower back and hips (e), and the heels, elbows, and head (f). Loading and unloading of the hips (g). (3) Deep relaxation and awakening. Sava-asana (h). Fetal pose (i). Relaxation in the lateral decubitus position (j). (modified from Fig. 1 of [6], For a video of this program, watch [38])

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