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Table 2 Factors affecting weight loss (Multiple regression analysis).

From: Psychological factors that promote behavior modification by obese patients

Explanatory variables β coefficient p value
Pre weight -0.58 < 0.01
Age -0.97 0.37
Number of nutrition therapy sessions 0.01 0.93
Number of counseling sessions 0.08 0.37
Pre-Critical Parent score -0.06 0.67
Pre-Nurturing Parent score -0.15 0.25
Pre-Adult score -0.05 0.75
Pre-Free Child score 0.33 0.01
Pre-Adapted Child score -0.06 0.57
Change in Critical Parent score 0.18 0.09
Change in Nurturing Parent score -0.15 0.15
Change in Adult score -0.20 0.06
Change in Free Child score 0.14 0.18
Change in Adapted Child score 0.14 0.17
R(R 2)   0.66 (0.43)
  1. The multiple regression analysis was used to identify factors affecting weight loss. The objective variable was the weight loss during the 6-month program. The explanatory variables were age, number of sessions of nutrition therapy and counseling, TEG scores at the first session (pre-TEG), and the changes in TEG score from the first session to the completion of the program.