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Figure 4

From: The effectiveness of the Uchida-Kraepelin test for psychological stress: an analysis of plasma and salivary stress substances

Figure 4

Salivary concentrations of [A] α-amylase activity, [B] chromogranin A, and [C] immunoglobulin A before and after the U-K test. Data ([A] U/ml, [B] pmol/ml, [C] μg/ml) are mean ± SD (n = 16). Saliva was collected for 5 min by the spitting method. Base; basal state of volunteers 1 h before the U-K test; pre: immediately before the test; int: during the test interval; 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 min: minutes after completion of the U-K test. U-K: Uchida-Kraepelin, CgA: chromogranin, IgA: immunoglobulin A.

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