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Upcoming conference

The 17th Asian Congress on
Psychosomatic Medicine

20 - 21 August 2016
Fukuoka, JAPAN

Thematic series

Psychosomatic dentistry

Edited by Akira Toyofuku

Recent advances in psychosomatic obstetrics & gynecology in Japan

Edited by Masakazu Terauchi

The meaning of behaviour medicine in the psychosomatic field

Edited by Mutsuhiro Nakao

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The Ikemi Award in BioPsychoSocial Medicine

To stimulate research in psychosomatic medicine and to enhance the submission of high quality manuscripts, BioPsychoSocial Medicine annually sponsors "The Ikemi Award", which is presented to the recipient at the general assembly of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine each year. For more information, please visit the award page.