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Table 1 Taste disorders are caused by several factors

From: Ethyl loflazepate as a treatment for patients with idiopathic and psychogenic taste disorder

Zinc deficiency: Serum zinc level is less than 70 μg/dl and there are no other obvious causes.
Idiopathic: There are no other obvious causes of taste disorder, excluding psychogenicity.
Oral disease: Those with taste disorders that are closely related to oral diseases, such as candidiasis, xerostomia, glossitis, and tongue coating
Psychogenic:Psychological factors clearly related to the onset and progress of the symptoms.
Systematic disease: Currently, the state of control of systemic disease is poor (liver disorder, renal disorder, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorder).
Drug induced: Described in the information regarding side effects, and has a clear causal relationship.
Post common cold: Awareness of taste disorders following a common cold.
Olfactory disorders: Simultaneous taste and olfactory disorder; taste is normal and only olfaction disorder is present.
Iatrogenic:Those that developed after middle ear surgery or laryngeal microsurgery and palatine tonsil surgery.