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Table 2 Treatment as usual (TAU) differs in eight psychotherapeutic RCTs on coronary artery disease and outcome related to psychological symptoms and survival

From: The effects of usual Care in Psychosocial Intervention Trials of patients with coronary artery disease: a systematic review

 Enhanced TAUOutcome in TAU
Randomized Controlled TrialYears in the studyNo of personal examinationsAdditional therapeutic activityReduction of psychological symptomsSurvival rate (%) at end of studyEstimated survival rate within 8 years1
RCPP [19]4.5 y.5 (3 cardiologic, 2 psycho logical)33 group sessions à 90 min.Type A behaviour: −9.8%; ES2: 0.72; 95%CI 0.89–0.5692.8%87.2
Jones and West [20]1 y.30depression not specified for TAU92.8%42.4%1
M-HEART [21]1 y.3 (1 cardiological, 3 psychological)0BDI depression: - 9.5%; ES2: 0.1; 95%CI 0.26–0.0794.6%56.8%1
ENRICHD [22]2.4 y.5 (cardiolog.,psychological)Active partnership Health bookletBDI depression: −33%; ES2: 0.69; 95%CI 0.85–0.5386.2%.54.3%
CREATE [23]0.25 y2 (cardiolog.,psychological)12 × 20 min clinical managementBDI: − 40.3% HAMD:-48%; ES2: 1.81; 95%CI 2.2–1.42100% /?
SWICHD [24]7.1 y.1(cardiolog, psychological; 2x questionnaires by letter)0depressive symptoms: −16.1%; ES3: 0.25; 95%CI 0.64–0.1480.1% /77.6%
SUPRIM [25]7.8 y.5 (cardiological, psychological)0Depression not reported85.2% /84.8%
SPIRR-CAD [26]2 y.5 (2x cardiologic, 5x psychological)30 min information on risk factorsHADS-D − 13.4%; ES4:0.41 95%CI 0.65–0.18 remission on HADS-D 35.8%96.8% /87.2%
  1. 1 8 years survival rate was predicted using survival data of the individual study. Presented studies differ in time
  2. between 0,25 years and 7.8 years. Mortality is higher in the year after the event. So in studies with a one or two
  3. years follow up period the estimated value of 8 years survival may be higher.
  4. 2mean and standard deviation at baseline and follow up (RCCP:4.5 y.;M-Heart:1 y.; ENRICHD (depressed
  5. participants only): 6 months; CREATE:3 months)
  6. 3 mean and standard deviation at baseline and follow up (1–2 years), published by Koertge J et al. J Intern Med
  7. 2007;263:281–293
  8. 4LOCF ANCOVA mean and standard deviation at baseline and follow up (24 months)