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Table 2 Somatic features of patients with AN

From: Physical and psychological aspects of anorexia nervosa based on duration of illness: a cross-sectional study

 Reference valueShortLongP value
n 11886 
TP (g/dl)6.6 – 8.17.02±0.516.81±0.710.0159
Alb (g/dl)4.1 – 5.14.68±0.464.24±0.600.0014
BUN (mg/dl)8 – 2014.12±4.9814.99±12.49ns
Cr (mg/dl)0.46 – 0.790.63±0.140.70±0.34ns
AST (U/l)13 – 3039.90±88.2935.69±35.11ns
ALT (U/l)7 – 2345.85±111.9538.97±88.27ns
Na (mmol/l)138 – 145140.23±2.93138.96±3.93)ns
K (mmol/l)3.6 – 4.84.12±0.443.76±0.700.0012
Cl (mmol/l)101 – 108103.02±3.3599.41±7.390.0002
Ca (mg/dl)8.8 – 10.19.61±0.419.34±0.630.0009
  1. TP Total protein, Alb Albumin, BUN Blood urea nitrogen, Cr Creatinine, AST Aspartate aminotransferase, ALT Alanine aminotransferase, Na Sodium, K Potassium, Cl Chloride, Ca Calcium