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Table 1 Clinical Assessments

From: Controlling the laxative abuse of anorexia nervosa patients with the Serigaya Methamphetamine Relapse Prevention Program workbook: a case report

  Before SMARPP (May, at the age of 49) After SMARPP (December, at the age of 49) Follow-up (January, at 53 years)
GAF scale 35 50 65
Body weight 39 kg 45.5 kg 41.0 kg
BMI 17.6 kg/m2 20.5 kg/m2 18.5 kg/m2
SCOFF-Sick no no no
SCOFF-Control yes no no
SCOFF-One-stone (14 lbs./6.5 kg) no no no
SCOFF-Fat yes no no
SCOFF-Food yes no no
  1. Abbreviations: GAF global assessment of functioning, BMI body mass index, SCOFF sick, control, one stone, fat, and food