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Table 1 Risk of Bias of Included Studies*

From: Effects of reflexology on premenstrual syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis

(Citation) Study (Year) Selection Bias Patient Blinding Assessor Blinding Incomplete Outcome Data Selective Outcome Reporting
Random Sequence Generation Allocation Concealment
[18] Oleson (1993) L U L U L L
[19] Kim (2002) H H U U L L
[20] Kim (2004) U U U U U L
[21] Lee (2011) H H U U L L
[11] Abdollahi Fard (2013) L U L U L L
[22] Baghdassarians (2015) U U U U U U
[23] Nalini (2015) U U U U U L
[24] Prema (2017) U U U U U U
[12] Shafaie (2018) L U L H L L
  1. *Domains of Quality Assessment Based on the Cochrane Tools for Assessing Risk of Bias
  2. Abbreviations; L low Risk of Bias, H High Risk of Bias, U Unclear (Uncertain) Risk of Bias