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Table 2 the Attitudes score of women with a history of previous CS vs normal deliverya

From: Attitude of pregnant women towards Normal delivery and factors driving use of caesarian section in Iran (2016)

  Attitudes toward natural childbirth
Positive Negative
Frequency (percentage) Frequency (percentage)
History of previous childbirth (221 individuals)
 Natural (130 individuals) 116 (89.2) 14 (10.8)
 CS (91 individuals) 54 (59.3) 37 (40.6)
 Total 170 (76.9) 51 (23.1)
  1. aThe number of women with a history of natural childbirth is 130 and CS is 91, and the percentages in this table are based on this number within the two groups with a history of natural delivery and CS