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Table 2 Contents of the mindfulness group therapy

From: Changes in depression and anxiety through mindfulness group therapy in Japan: the role of mindfulness and self-compassion as possible mediators

Session Theme Purposes and contents of the session
1st Introduction to mindfulness Understanding the difference between “doing mode” and “being mode” through experiences of eating exercise and body scan.
2nd Messages from body and breath Addressing the importance and difficulty of observing experiences by being aware of body sensations.
3rd Connecting mind with body Being aware of the sensation of the moving body and changes in thoughts and emotions through stretching meditation. Being in touch with unpleasant feelings.
4th Recovering own self in daily life Sharing the daily problems with habits and learning how to switch from habitual responses to mindful coping.
5th Letting it be Learning non-reactive attitudes to all experiences, including the most intense experiences.
6th Thoughts are not facts Understanding the nature of thoughts and experiences to distance from it and be present.
7th Caring for your own self Accepting all aspects of yourself and learning how to choose behaviors necessary for yourself and to care yourself through compassion meditation.
8th Making your own mindfulness program Looking back on the 8 weeks of practices and sharing your own intentions after the program.