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Table 1 The results of M.I.N.I

From: Changes in depression and anxiety through mindfulness group therapy in Japan: the role of mindfulness and self-compassion as possible mediators

  Number of cases
MD with melancholic features & lifetime PD & AG 1
MD with melancholic features & past MD & AG & GAD & Moderate suicidal tendency 1
Dysthymia & AG & Mild suicidal tendency 1
PD 1
AG 1
Lifetime PD & AG 2
AG & OCD 1
AG & Moderate suicidal tendency 1
Moderate suicidal tendency 1
Not categorized by any diagnosisa 6
  1. Note. MD major depression, PD panic disorder, AG agoraphobia, OCD obsessive compulsive disorder, GAD generalized anxiety disorder
  2. aNot evaluated as having any diagnosis or problem by M.I.N.I