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Table 2 Demographic and clinical data of severe traumatic brain injury patients with behavioral disorders

From: Association between uncooperativeness and the glucose metabolism of patients with chronic behavioral disorders after severe traumatic brain injury: a cross-sectional retrospective study

Demographic and clinical data sTBI with behavioral disorder (nĀ  =ā€‰ 15)
Representative symptom
Excitement, n (%) 13 (86.7)
Uncooperativeness , n (%) 9 (60)
Psychiatric stable state, n (%) 14 (93.3)
The duration until psychiatric stability, mean (SD) 426.6 (342.3)
The kinds of effective psychiatric drugs
Sodium valproate increase or start, n (%) 7 (50)
Quetiapine fumarate increase of start, n (%) 7 (50)
Aripiprazole start, n (%) 4 (28.6)
  1. SD, standard deviation; sTBI, severe traumatic brain injury.