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Table 1 Changes in POMS scores, autonomic function indices, and blood biomarkers following a sitting isometric yoga session

From: Changes in fatigue, autonomic functions, and blood biomarkers due to sitting isometric yoga in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome

  1. n: Sample size
  2. Values are mean ± standard deviation
  3. Pre: Mean values before yoga sessions
  4. Post: Mean values after yoga sessions
  5. ∆: The mean difference between Pre and Post values, i.e. Post value – Pre value
  6. P value: Paired t-test or Wilcoxon signed-rank test between Pre and Post values
  7. 95% CI: 95% Confidence interval (Lower bound – Upper bound)
  8. C: Correlations
  9. *: Correlation between ∆ F and ∆ plasma/serum components, P < 0.05
  10. #: Correlation between ∆ V and ∆ plasma/serum components, P < 0.05
  11. n.s.: not significant
  12. Highlighted in gray: The probability of normal distribution is violated by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test