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Table 4 Correlation coefficient between the Toronto Alexithymia Scale-20 and the Beck Depression Inventory score

From: Relationship between Alexithymia and latent trigger points in the upper Trapezius

  TAS-20 total TAS-20 DIF TAS-20 DDF TAS-20 EOT BDI
TAS-20 total   0.92*** 0.77*** 0.84*** − 0.04n.s
TAS-20 DIF    0.62*** 0.71*** − 0.06n.s.
TAS-20 DDF     0.39*** - 0.07n.s.
TAS-20 EOT      0.01n.s.
  1. LTrPs latent trigger points, TAS Toronto Alexithymia Scale, DIF Difficulty Identifying Feelings, DDF Difficulty Describing Feelings, EOT Externally Oriented Thinking, BDI Beck Depression Inventory, n.s not significant
  2. ***p < 0.001