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Fig. 1

From: The effect for Japanese workers of a self-help computerized cognitive behaviour therapy program with a supplement soft drink

Fig. 1

Participation flow chart. This flow chart shows the transition of participants. Ninety-six people signed up to participate. Before the start of the program an informed consent session was held, the purpose and procedures of the study were explained, and 96 participants provided their written informed consent. After the informed consent session, three people were excluded due to exclusion criteria and six people declined to participate. The remaining 87 employees were randomly allocated to a control group (n = 29), self-help CBT group (n = 29), or self-help CBT with supplement drink group (n = 29). Of the 87, 80 completed the relevant program and the pre- and post- sets of questionnaires. We also excluded two participants who did not complete weekly tasks and failed to submit weekly homework sheets. Additionally, six participants were excluded because they did not complete the post-questionnaires. At the end of the study, we analysed the data of 72 completers (control group: n = 23, CBT group: n = 25, CBT with supplement drink group: n = 24)

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