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Table 1 Cancer organisations in Australia

From: Psycho-oncology in Australia: a descriptive review

  National State
Government Department of Human Services: Medicare State Health Departments
Responsible for the development of service delivery policy, and provide access to health payments and services. Medicare provides access to a range of medical services, lower cost prescriptions and free care as a public patient in a public hospital. Plans and provides health care, funding hospitals, clinics etc.
  National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)  
NHMRC aims to promote the development and maintenance of public and individual health standards.
NHMRC provides national research funding for medical/health research, and provides advice to the Australian Government on health matters.
  Cancer Australia Cancer Institute NSW (CINSW)
Cancer Australia is a national government body which aims to reduce the impact of cancer, address disparities and improve outcomes for people affected by cancer by leading and coordinating national, evidence-based interventions across the continuum of care.
Funds research and develops resources.
NSW's government cancer control agency, established under the Cancer Institute NSW (2003) Act to lessen the impact of cancer across the State. Funds research and sets standards.
The Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA)
State body stablished to sustain and enhance Victoria’s excellent track record in cancer research.
Funds research.
Clinical Professional Groups Clinical Oncology Society of Australia: COSA  
COSA is the peak national body representing health professionals from all disciplines whose work involves the care of cancer patients.
  Single professional bodies.
For example:
Palliative Care Australia (PCA)
PCA is the national peak body for palliative care.
Australian Psycho-Oncology Group (OZPOS)
OzPos is the national peak body for Psycho-Oncology.
Single professional bodies.
For example:
Palliative Care NSW, Victoria etc.
State bodies for palliative care
Charity Cancer Council Australia (CCA)
The Peak body of the Cancer Councils, which are charity-based. CCA aims to promote cancer control at the national level.
Cancer Council NSW, Victoria etc.
Charity-based cancer organisations to improve outcomes for cancer patients through research, advocacy and support services.
Clinical Trial groups 14 Cancer Clinical Trial Groups, funded by Cancer Australia, and under the umbrella of COSA, including:
1) Tumour specific trial groups, e.g.:
Australian and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group: ANZBCTG;
Australia Lung cancer Trials Group: ALTG; Australian and New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group: ANGOG.
1) Treatment specific trial groups, e.g.:
Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group: TROG;
Palliative Care Clinical Studies Calloborative: PaCCSC;
Psycho-Oncology Co-operative Research Group: PoCoG.
Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group: PC4
There are also some state-based clinical trial groups, funded by CINSW or grants.
Improving Palliative Care through Clinical Trials (ImPACCT).