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Table 2 Major activities of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Internal Medicine (JSPIM) over the past 20 years

From: Current state and future prospects for psychosomatic medicine in Japan

1) Certification system for registered PIM physicians
2) Certification system for PIM specialists
3) The First Commemorative Joint Congress of five Psychosomatic Medicine Societies
4) Authorization of “PIM specialist” license by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
5) Certified NPO Accreditation by the Governor of Chiba Prefecture
6) Sister Society Agreement between JSPIM and DKPM (Deutsches Kollegium für Psychosomatische Medizin)
7) Inauguration of the Katsura Memorial Conference on the Therapeutic Self and the Committee on self-evaluation of the therapeutic self.
8) Translation and publication of “Therapeutic Self” authored by Watkins
9) Dispatch of a disaster assistance team to the disaster stricken area of the East Japan earthquake.
10) Dispatch of physicians to Rikuzen-takata clinic (in quake-hit area) in cooperation with Iwate Prefecture Medical Association (from October 2011 to present)
11) Collaboration with the Japan Primary Care Association
12) Membership: 1,292; physicians 87.7%, non-physicians 12.3% (as of October 2016)
13) 441Registered PIM physicians and 122 PIM specialists. (as of May 2016)