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Table 1 Profiles of patients

From: The physical and psychological problems of immigrants to Japan who require psychosomatic care: a retrospective observation study

No Age/Sex Nationality Length of stay Marital status Employment status Japanese proficiency SDS STAI S/T Physical symptoms Physical (Psychosomatic) diagnosis Psycho-logical symptoms Psychiatric diagnosis Psycho-social factors Therapy
1 23/M USA 1m Single English teacher 2 35 - Cataplectic attack - Anxiety AD w/anxiety Culture shock Anxyolytics SSRI
2 23/F USA 2m Single English teacher 1 57 - Epigastralgia Nausea Functional dyspepsia Anxiety AD Mixed type Culture shock Anxyolytics
3 66/F USA 28y Divorced Unemployed 3 48 54/56 Palpitation Dizziness - Insomnia Anxiety Anxiety disorder Divorce Dismissed from job Hypnotics
4 28/F USA 3y Married Unemployed 2 54 55/51 Appetite loss - Insomnia Depressive mood postnatal MDD Isolation Cultural differences Antidepressants
5 27/F USA 3y Single English teacher 2 29 47/41 Eruption Body itching Urticaria Anxiety AD w/anxiety Job-related stress Anxyolytics Anti-allergic drug
6 41/M England 7y Married English teacher (self employed) 3 49 35/41 Palpitation Sweating - Anxiety Panic disorder Conflict w/spouse job-related stress Antidepressants (SSRI)
7 58/F Australia 30y Bereaved English teacher 3 57 53/47 Headache Back pain Chronic pain syndrome Anxiety Depressive mood AD Mixed type Death of husband Anxyolytics
8 40/M Australia 4y Married Unemployed 2 58 50/54 Fatigue Headache Tension Headache Insomnia Depressive mood MDD Dismissed from job Antidepressants Anxyolytics
9 38/M New Zealand 10y Single English teacher 2 42 44/53 Dyspnea Chest pain Asthma Depressive mood Acute stress disorder Breakup w/partner Anxyolytics
10 56/F China 14y Married Unemployed 2 - - Fatigue Diarrhea Irritable bowel syndrome Apathy Depressive mood MDD Dismissed from jpb Conflict w/spouse Hospitalization Antidepressants
11 42/M China 10y Married Unemployed 1 - - Fatigue Dizziness Unstable Hypertension Insomnia AD Mixed type Dismissed from job Hypnotics Herbal medicine
12 51/M China 14y Married Unemployed 2 46 52/40 Abdominal pain Chronic pain syndrome Anxiety Anxiety disorder Language barriers Anxyolytics
13 36/F China 5y Married Unemployed 2 47 56/48 Epigastralgia Dizziness Hepatitis type B Acute exacerbation Anxiety Anxiety disorder Language barriers Hospitalization
14 39/F China 8y Single Employee 2 42 57/55 Sweating Tremors - Anxiety Anxiety disorder Language barriers Anxyolytics
15 37/F Taiwan 19y Single Chinese teacher 4 58 57/50 Epigastralgia Appetite loss Functional dyspepsia Insomnia AD Mixed type Breakup w/ partner Hospitalization Anxyolytics
16 22/F Taiwan 3y Single Student 3 47 53/51 Subfever Fatigue - Suicidal MDD Maladaptation to school life Rest Counseling
17 38/M Korea 12y Married Employee 4 48 50/52 Headache Dizziness Tension Headache Insomnia Depressive mood AD Mixed type Job-related stress Anxyolytics Antidepressants AT
18 42/M Korea 10y Married Priest 4 55 48/42 Chronic pain Dizziness Chronic pain syndrome Insomnia Depressive mood MDD Traffic accident Job-related stress Antidepressants Hypnotics Counseling
19 40/M Indonesia 12y Divorced Self-employed 2 44 52/50 Chest pain Palpitation Chronic pain syndrome Anxiety AD w/anxiety Job-related stress Anxyolytics AT
20 37/M Mongolia 7y Married Unemployed 3 28 25/29 Facial eruptions <Lung cancer> Anxiety AD Unspecified <Lung cancer> Anxyolytics
  1. M Male, F Female, m month, y year, AD Adjustment disorder, MDD Major depressive disorder, SSRI Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, AT Autogenic training
  2. The level of Japanese proficiency
  3. Level 1. Unable to communicate in Japanese at all
  4. Level 2. Able to exchange greetings but not express thoughts sufficiently
  5. Level 3. Able to understand and participate in daily conversation but still having limitations when communicating
  6. Level 4. Able to communicate sufficiently in Japanese