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Figure 1

From: Acupuncture therapy: mechanism of action, efficacy, and safety: a potential intervention for psychogenic disorders?

Figure 1

Schematic illustrations of endogenous opioid-mediated electro-acupuncture analgesia (EAA). (A) EA at 2 Hz or 100 Hz releases different endogenous opioids, which act on different opioid receptors to induce synergic analgesic effects. (B) Impulses elicited by EA at 2 Hz or 100 Hz project to different brain areas and induce analgesic effects through descending inhibition. Em: endomorphine; Enk: encephalin: β-End: β-endorphin; Dyn: dynorphin; μ: mu-opioid receptors; δ: delta opioid receptor; κ: kappa opioid receptor; PAG: periaqueductal grey matter. Modified from Han 2003 reference [7].

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