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Table 4 Factor analysis of the Japanese version of the Visceral Sensitivity Index

From: Gastrointestinal specific anxiety in irritable bowel syndrome: validation of the Japanese version of the visceral sensitivity index for university students

Item Statement Factor loadings Item-total correlation
1 I worry that whenever I eat during the day, bloating and distension in my belly will get worse. 0.53 0.61
2 I get anxious when I go to a new restaurant. 0.42 0.52
3 I often worry about problems in my belly. 0.72 0.78
4 I have a difficult time enjoying myself because I cannot get my mind off of discomfort in my belly. 0.74 0.79
5 I often fear that I won’t be able to have a normal bowel movement. 0.77 0.79
6 Because of fear of developing abdominal discomfort, I seldom try new foods. 0.56 0.62
7 No matter what I eat, I will probably feel uncomfortable. 0.62 0.66
8 As soon as I feel abdominal discomfort I begin to worry and feel anxious. 0.82 0.82
9 When I enter a place I haven’t been before, one of the first things I do is to look for a bathroom. 0.58 0.62
10 I am constantly aware of the feelings I have in my belly. 0.83 0.82
11 I often feel discomfort in my belly could be a sign of a serious illness. 0.81 0.80
12 As soon as I awake, I worry that I will have discomfort in my belly during the day. 0.82 0.81
13 When I feel discomfort in my belly, it frightens me. 0.82 0.82
14 In stressful situations, my belly bothers me a lot. 0.68 0.72
15 I constantly think about what is happening inside my belly. 0.81 0.80
Eigenvalue 8.18
Variance (%) 54.56
  1. Note. While factor analysis was performed with the Japanese version of the VSI, the original English items are given here for ease of reference.