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Figure 1

From: Effect of 12 weeks of yoga training on the somatization, psychological symptoms, and stress-related biomarkers of healthy women

Figure 1

Psychological distresses results from the Profile of Mood State (POMS) related to yoga training. Box plot representing the POMS subscale score of the yoga-training group (n = 24) before (Pre) and after (Post) 12 weeks of yoga training with reference control (Cont) and long-term yoga groups (Long). The 25th and 75th percentiles are represented by the lower and upper borders of the grey box. The dark line within the grey box represents the median. The whisker error bars represent the 10th and 90th percentiles. (A-C, E, F) All negative subscale scores, tension-anxiety (p = 0.022), depression (p = 0.010), anger-hostility (p = 0.020), fatigue (p = 0.001), and confusion score (p = 0.004), from the POMS after the 12 weeks of yoga training were significantly decreased compared with those before starting yoga training. (D) There was a trend toward an increased vigor (p = 0.083). Statistically significant differences are shown: *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01.

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