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Table 2 The mean SF-36v2 TM eight subscale scores and two summary scale scores of all eighteen participants

From: A clinical study of the efficacy of a single session of individual exercise for depressive patients, assessed by the change in saliva free cortisol level

SF-36 scales Mean score SD
Physical functioning (PF) 40.4 15.2
Physical role functioning (RP) 31.2 15.7
Bodily Pain (BP) 42.7 14.9
General health (GH) 41.5 10.8
Vitality (VT) 42.7 15.5
Social functioning (SF) 33.8 16.3
Emotional role functioning (RE) 32.1 16.2
Mental health (MH) 42.6 13.3
Physical component summary (PCS) 31.7 16.2
Mental component summary (MCS) 44.0 12.4