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Table 1 Item content and means of the Functional, Communicative and Critical HL scales

From: Health literacy and health communication

  Mean SD
Functional health literacy 3.39 0.75
   In reading instructions or leaflets from hospitals/pharmacies, you....
found that the print was too small to read 3.19 1.12
found characters and words that you did not know 3.41 0.88
found that the content was too difficult 3.43 0.84
needed a long time to read and understand them 3.27 1.04
needed someone to help you read them 3.65 0.86
Communicative health literacy 2.56 0.70
   Since being diagnosed with diabetes, you have....   
collected information from various sources 2.43 1.04
extracted the information you wanted 2.18 1.00
understood the obtained information 2.89 0.88
communicated your thoughts about your illness to someone 2.70 0.91
applied the obtained information to your daily life 2.60 0.99
Critical health literacy 1.96 0.63
   Since being diagnosed with diabetes, you have....   
considered whether the information was applicable to your situation 2.71 0.98
considered the credibility of the information 1.87 0.92
checked whether the information was valid and reliable 1.76 0.96
collected information to make health-related decisions 1.51 0.77
  1. Note: The theoretical range: 1-4.