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Figure 2

From: The effectiveness of the Uchida-Kraepelin test for psychological stress: an analysis of plasma and salivary stress substances

Figure 2

Plasma concentrations of [A] ACTH, [B] noradrenaline, [C] dopamine and adrenaline before and after the U-K test. Plasma ACTH, NA, AD (solid line), and DA (dotted line) concentrations (pg/ml) before, during, and after the U-K test are shown as mean ± SD (n = 10). Pre: immediately before the test; int: during the test; 0, 10, 30, 60 min: minutes after completion of the U-K test. Standard ranges of plasma ACTH, DA, AD, and NA represent the reference ranges (ACTH: 7.4–55.7; NA: 100–500; DA < 30, AD < 100, pg/ml, respectively), not the normal range. U-K: Uchida-Kraepelin, NA: noradrenaline, DA: dopamine, AD: adrenaline.

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